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What is the difference between stacked and unstacked auto insurance?

What is the difference between stacked and unstacked auto insurance?

Today our topic is – What is the difference between stacked and unstacked auto insurance?so That’s why we just did a post about uninsured motorist coverage, expand on that a bit because I think uninsured motorist coverage is very important, especially if you’re a person who has something other than a car. and is.

Also, I mean a boat, an ATV a motorcycle an RV So let’s talk about there are two different types of insured motorist coverage if you have stacked and unstacked uninsured ones. Motor drivers. Coverage is, if you have uninsured motorist coverage on the stack, that means it’s going to cover you if you are involved in an accident in your own car or someone else’s car, which is the limit of your policy, but some There may be certain exclusions that will apply if you have stacked uninsured motorist coverage.

The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that insurance companies cannot write an exclusion that excludes coverage from stacked uninsured motorist coverage. So what does it mean if you are on a given pile and you are driving a motorbike and someone else hits you and they make a mistake it is your fault whenever you are inside you are considered to have a motor vehicle and You pile up where someone else gets hit because of your negligence, you have coverage for your injuries, there is no exclusion that insurance companies can write it off, it also has another benefit and then if you have.

There are multiple cars. So your policy limit for stacked um is $100,000, but you have three cars, then the policy and you have stacked uninsured motorist coverage, but you have three cars, your coverage amount is one million. Not dollars, it actually adds up when multiplied by the number of cars you have. Policy.

Our scenario is that if there is a million-dollar stack coverage and you have three vehicles, that now means you have three million dollars of coverage as opposed to 100 thousand because many people look at other policies that they say they were into you and they don’t necessarily know what that means and there is a thing that says stack and nonstick and they don’t know what that means.

So the point of these posts is that I make sure I want to assure you that when you are buying your insurance policy and you are making a decision that you have the right information so that you can make these decisions correctly and correctly to protect yourself and your family.

That’s why we told you that this is the coverage we told you about the difference between stack and nonstick and if you have any more questions then comment below or send me a question and I will be happy to answer it So that everyone can ask on comment below.

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