What are health and social care services
What are health and social care services

What are health and social care services?

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Topic – What are health and social care services?

Hello Friends, welcome to the Department of Health and Social Care within City College Southampton.

And within this department we run many courses, we run level two and level three courses, so I will talk about health and social care level two courses, first level two courses we have.

They are all internally marked which basically means that there are no exams so you have eight units of work that you will do and one of these units is actually part of the work experience.

So it gives you an opportunity to go out and experience work within the industry, where we can get you out of the end of the eight units of the course.

You will then be given an overall grade and maybe a previous qualification or distinction to help you progress to level three.

You are normally required to obtain a minimum of one. Overall qualification grade at the end of the year. You will come with an equivalent upon successfully passing the call with three A levels.

This will be equivalent to three levels where you can go ahead in industry or in university and take your courses in Pediatric Nurse.

Your Maternity Nurse Paramedic Emergency Medical Technician Social Worker Psychologist Any of the courses you can get at the university for 95 percent of the universities above and below the country.

Accept the B Tech qualification and fully accept that you will receive more than two years on a Level Three course within work experience for both Level Two and Level Three Level Two.

You will have to complete a minimum of 60 hours and with level three you will have to complete at least 100 hours each year in work experience in your level three, you will do it in two different places.

So if you do a primary school in year two, then you are not allowed to do any form of academic education.

But you will do your second year and work experience to go more towards any social site or hospital site so that the health workers and social care have accepted the industry from the industry.

Uh, I have got nine years of experience as a paramedic, but 30 years of experience as a medicine overall we have other teachers who have been early years manager or nursery manager nurses.

And we have many, among the external speakers coming to the college, we have nurses, we have social workers, we also have police officers who come.

And talk to students about the various mental health values associated with mental health, so we have a lot of industry professionals coming to college

And chat with learners on the course as we have several units that cover multiple areas, it covers a wide range of different areas within both the health and social care environment.

So when we go out and we travel or travel we talk and we get how to manage a care home or a day center.

You help those people in those places for a day and it can be as simple as sitting and chatting with them, making them a cup of tea or taking them to lunch And you are trying to get practical experience and see which industry is like this.

Which helps you to decide whether you want to go to university or industry itself and with level 2 or level 3 qualification you can go into health and social care industry.

And can get a job very quickly, the kind of people we are ‘within health and social care, the people who are caring, they are considerate, they can be professionals, they are kind, they are very good at communication.

And that does not mean that you have this face on your mobile phone – face-to-face communication and more importantly be a good listener because if you listen you can find out.

What a certain problem a patient or client has that you can support with guidance and meet their needs.

And if ‘we can work on some of these characteristics that are strong for you, which are not so strong, we can develop them even more and if you want to go down in any career.

So can help you get a very good starting platform. As a social worker, as a carer, as a health care assistant within hospitals or even in care homes themselves on ambulances to take care of home managers.

Personal carers are also another way that people don’t know a lot about and this is where you will be working with an individual client on a one-to-one basis.

They are contracted for so many hours in a day to know more about the course and the type of units covering the entry requirements and how deep the course can be.

So you can go to the college website. You can find all the information online. There will be both contact numbers and email addresses for your use and if you have any questions that you would like to ask, please email the contact information and the questions will be answered.

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