The Woman King Movie Review 

The Woman King 2022 movie my wife and I caught in theatres last night. The storyline follows an African kingdom with a new(er) king in 1823 who posses the only female army in Africa. 

The leader of the female Army has a past that haunts her but the respect of her king, enough to be on his council.

She strongly urges him to avoid the slave trade and find alternative methods of riches.

Meanwhile, those who do believe strongly in the slave trade look to march on the kingdom and bring them down.

A new recruitment class to the female army brings brashness, new ideas to defend the kingdom, and the female leader's ghosts back to the forefront

This movie has so much depth and contains a great primary plot and even better sub plots. The writing is remarkable, thorough and very impressive.

The character's inner demons are well portrayed as is their struggle to overcome them.

The acting is out of this world across the board. You feel for every character; and if anything happens to anyone, you feel personally hurt.

The villains were also excellent as is the outcome of each of them. The settings and cinematography is outstanding and there is impressive use of lighting.

The action scenes are remarkable and the fight choreography is award winning caliber.

My only complaint is an awkward love story that is obviously in here to show maturity and self discovery but I could have done without it.

Overall, this movie has literally everything you'd want in a movie - tremendous action, great villains, self discovery and character triumph.

I would strongly, strongly recommend seeing this movie and score it a 10/10. We loved it.