The series is a feast for the eyes, with fluid and expressive animation and incredibly detailed world-building. The film's use of color. 

The Pluto Netflix Series is a visually stunning and emotionally resonant sci-fi masterpiece. Based on the acclaimed manga of the same name by Naoki Urasawa.


Pluto tells the story of Gesicht, a robot detective who investigates a series of murders targeting the Seven Great Robots, the most famous robots in the world. 


Pluto is a feast for the eyes. The animation is fluid and expressive, and the world-building is incredibly detailed. The film's use of color and light is particularly impressive.


Pluto also tells a complex and suspenseful story. Gesicht is a compelling protagonist, and the other characters are well-developed and believable. 

Story and Characters:

The Pluto Netflix Series explores a number of important themes, such as the nature of humanity, the meaning of life, and the dangers of prejudice. 

Story and Characters:

– Visually stunning animation – Complex and suspenseful story – Well-developed character – Explores important themes such as the nature of humanity and the meaning of life

Why you should watch it:

Pluto is a must-see film for fans of sci-fi, anime, and great cinema in general. It is available to watch now on Netflix.

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