Don't Worry Darling Movie Review

Wilde's debut, the charming high-school comedy "Booksmart," showcased the actress-turned-filmmaker's skills in directing her own cast.

Don't Worry Darling takes a giant step forward in both the demands placed on its artists and the need to create your own world.

Wilde reteams with his booksmart screenwriter Katie Silberman, who reworked earlier scripts by brothers Kerry and Shane Van Dyke (yes, Dick Van Dyke's grandson).

Appears to be the operative word here. Set in a completely redesigned City of Victory ("Leave It to Beaver" was set in Palm Springs)

Don't Worry Darling follows young housewife Alice Chambers (Pugh) as she begins to suspect that her grand existence is, well, not what it seems.

Despite the trappings of a thriving suburban existence – handsome husbands (Harry Styles), beautiful homes, fabulous dresses, kickass girlfriends, parties galore – Alice can't shake the feeling that something is out of place.