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Tanishaa Mukerji: Excited to find someone whom I can be bored in love with | Bollywood


Actor Tanishaa Mukerji isn’t excited about her marriage. Instead, she is looking forward to finding the right person and falling in love with someone whom she can get bored with.

“I think falling in love is very exciting when it’s new but I’m more excited about finding that person that I can be bored in love with,” says Mukerji, who recently left many wondering about her marital status when she posted a picture of her feet with toe rings due to which many assumed that she had got married secretly.

Over the years, after her public affair with actor Armaan Kohli, she has refrained from talking about her personal life, and guarded her private matters. And the 43-year-old confesses it has been intentional.

“The key [to keeping your personal life a secret] is to not answer questions like these (laughs). But on a more serious note, yes it has been intentional and yes when I do decide to get married I shall be way more direct about announcing it to the world,” she says.

That’s also because she wants the focus to be on her work entirely. “I am busy developing projects to produce as well as reading scripts to act in. Also, as far as acting is considered, I would like to play a grey character with many layers,” says the actor, crediting the digital wave for changing the tide for many actors.

“OTT has opened up the minds of our audiences and therefore opened up the opportunity for women to play many multi-layered characters ! As far as in the industry I think I’d like to see more female producers and directors producing and directing big films,” she says, adding, “ageism has reduced in the industry because maybe it has reduced a bit in society or vice versa, but way we have a long way to go”.


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