Sumit Sethi: People would just say ‘DJ hi toh hai’, it took time for them to accept we are artists too

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DJ Sumit Sethi is happy that people’s outlook towards his profession is changing in India. Otherwise, according to him, this was ranked quite low in the hierarchy.

“Of course it took us time to become artists, for people to accept that DJs are also artists. I am dreaming with both eyes open right now. My latest song with Mika (Singh, singer) paji, Majnu 2, was promoted on Bigg Boss, hosted by Salman Khan ji. Tab laga recognition hai. Industry mein abhi bhi category hoti hai — director, producer, actor, actress. DJ ka number aata hi nahi hai. But everything is changing. Earlier, it would be ‘DJ hi toh hai’,” he reveals.

But he asserts that there was no direct humiliation. “It’s just that, you establish yourself over time. I wasn’t insulted, I was acknowledged when I played at big platforms, stages. No one demeaned me,” he says.

Opening the Commonwealth Games in Delhi on October 3, 2010 in front of 75, 000 people, and representing India at an awards ceremony remain the highlights in his career, which started off at a young age.

He is happy that youngsters look at DJing as a proper career now, and says, “A path has been paved for many young people definitely. We had our idols, but now many say ‘humein Sumit jaisa banna hai, karna hai’. People call me and then book the artists for their events.”

Talking about events, Sethi confesses that the pandemic period hit his sector hard. “Shows itne saal baad ab ho rahe hain, so I am busy all the time. We couldn’t do them till now, so we get to see people finally, plus money. It was so hard to survive those times. There are restrictions, and mandates like hand sanitisers and all. But events and weddings are happening a lot now,” he says.


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