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Sharon Stone Wants Kids to Auction Her Movie Costumes


Sharon Stone is giving her children permission to sell her movie costumes.

The actress, 64, shared a video on her Instagram Story Friday that claimed her 1995 film Casino worked with a $1 million budget for the wardrobe department.

Stone — who earned a Best Actress Oscar nomination for her performance as Ginger McKenna — said she would want her kids (Quinn, Laird and Roan) to sell the clothes when she’s gone as a way to supplement how she was paid less than her male counterparts.

“Just in case i die one day & my kids notice i never got equal pay & want to auction them,” Stone wrote, sharing the video.

Directed by Martin Scorsese, Casino also starred Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci and James Woods.

The costume designers were Rita Ryack and John A. Dunn. Stone told Vogue back in 2020 that she kept one item from the project: “The only thing I took was a Pucci jacket — the one that Ginger dies in, ironically.” She added that Ryack was a “genius.”

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“Very few people have that kind of intense understanding of the whole amalgam of everything — how it goes with the period, how it goes with the emotional sweep of the picture. Very few people see it as a whole, and not just a rack of clothing,” said Stone. “When you walk on set and the costumes are correct, they not only define your character but they define the interplay of your character with the other characters and where you belong on the set. It all starts to make sense.”

In an essay for InStyle earlier this year in February, Stone discussed another famous movie of hers, the 1992 thriller Basic Instinct, and why she made sure to keep the costumes after the movie finished.

“I couldn’t believe how exciting it was and all of the incredible costumes that were being made just for me. I put in my contract that I could keep the clothes,” she wrote. “People thought I was crazy, but the truth is I wasn’t getting paid much compared to my male costar. I made $500,000; Michael [Douglas] made $14 million. So keeping my costumes was a really smart thing to do.”


Stone recalled that Basic Instinct costume designer Ellen Mirojnick at one point brought her to Los Angeles’ Rodeo Drive to “pick out any one thing that you want for your character.”

“At this point in my life, the idea that I could go into one of those high-end stores where a purse costs $20,000 and not feel like an impostor was beyond my comprehension,” she said. “So to actually get to go into Hermès and buy a cream cashmere throw was a wow moment. I have it wrapped around me the first time you meet Catherine in the film. And it immediately helped me feel the power and the wealth that this character had.”


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