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Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series | Tablet computer | Android 2022

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series | Tablet computer | Android 2022

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is probably the best I have overall hybrid slash computer, Ever seen in my life and why are you here? A must-buy now it may be surprising this is coming from someone.

Mainly apple makes focus content but the team isn’t too surprised but so am I use a windows pc and this Samsung tablet pretty much during a regular day I am impressed with this s8 since I first bought it a quick price and feature release overview will show that the s8 is Comes in three different flavors.

I have the regular version and am recommending the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series plus that is. The display is a bit bigger and more advanced and what the s8 ultra looks like is one giant slab of what it should be Very tough to fit in some backpacks.

How much is Samsung S8 tab?

The small tab though is equipped with Qualcomm under the hood. Snapdragon8 Gen1 12 8 Gigabytes storage eight-gigabyte ram one1 1 inch LCD panel with a type c connector and it Comes with Samsung Pen and also does all that with a base model price For $699.

Which ain’t cheap But it is very impressive. This leads me to the first reason to buy tab s8 This thing comes packed with a lot of value for me because when I bought it I got both the keyboard case add-on and the S-Pen.

That is included in the base model price still buys my brain today A similarly specified1 1-inch iPad Pro with your pen and smartphone keyboard will almost double almost twice as much as seriously together cost about twelve hundred dollars based on local sales tax.

Which Samsung Tab series is best?

Don’t think the keyboard case deal lasts forever or still going on but even without that deal, you’ll get The S Pen That Saves $1 29 Right Right off the bat when the tab has already been spent $1 00 less than iPad Pro Yes The iPad Air Exists and It Costs Less Also but I don’t think about it that way that this layout is expected to be a Competitor for iPad air s8.

Is way more high-end features we’ll enter a second and it’s The next reason aimed at the iPad Pro buy Samsung tab s8 straight tied what did I say in the introduction it’s legitimately the best The hybrid device I’ve ever had used in my life now what I mean when I say hybrid device.

When I say I That means it’s both the same. Can work as Similar to computer and tablet time and does it better than anything I’ve ever seen what’s good about it Is it just A. tap of All you have to do is tap on the button Samsung Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series DeX icon from the quick menu and it replaces it with tablet mode It gets even better in computer mode that you don’t need to plug it in For this an external monitor Tasks say you use tab a as you were doing a laptop from the road and you want Get more out of your keyboard case.

This is a real computer that works great you get keyboard support get real mouse support a free-floating Demonstrate that you can organize however Whatever you want and multi-window support missing you Doesn’t make it any more complicated2.5. series of hand gestures to like The windows are open while each is only halfway useful each.

I wonder what operating system am I talking about there and it all begins Overdrive if you want to use it your only computer and you could use it as your only computer you just gotta get something USB-C to HDMI adapter plug it in and it the thing is an amazing look at it right here we got it all now working with my normal computer setup and I just had to plug in a Cable in Tab S8 Fun Facts and Something else.

I want you to check typed this whole script from my tab essay like I said you be normal We have multi-window support These tabs open at the same time as I my mechanical keyboard is plugged in and I am using my normal MX master3 mouse and I typed this whole script All this together plug-in.

I with I wish there was a way to do this Improved dual screen support when plugged in Like you use Tab a scan second monitor because when you’re done Deck Out in an Outdoor Display turn the tablet back on as a tablet mode is probably on when you are plugged in a way around it and I just haven’t search it now let me know if you know in the comments below but it works In both open mode and clamshell mode very impressive draft i love you no one likes to make fun of all the contemporaries exaggerated Youtuber out of excitement the way you can use tab s8 as your only computers like no problem fast Reminder before moving on to the next because from next week.

Reason to buy and I wouldn’t say that 699 dollars is a budget piece of gear but if you are using this as a hybrid machine it will save you from buying one or the other type of device and that’s a big chunk of savings plus while Samsung devices don’t generally hold their value as well as Apple products that suck for people buying initially but it’s awesome if you were able to wait a little bit before buying because on the secondary market you can find these for a steal seriously even on reputable places like amazon doing a quick search I was able to find a renewed version for 549 that’s less than the price of the iPad air and this tab only came out a couple of months ago.

Real talk about the resale price is one of the reasons I waited so long to make you should buy a video on the tablet because Samsung makes great devices but they do not hold their value.

So I would almost always recommend waiting a couple of months and picking one up for far less let us crazy YouTubers pay that initial cost just wait until it’s a little bit cheaper the The next reason to buy the tab s8 is something that I thought was going to be gone from tablets from now on this has been internally upgradable storage that’s crazy right you have a full-on micro-sd card slot right here that you can put in up to a one terabyte micro sd card into those aren’t all that expensive.

So you can do an upgrade that Apple would charge you hundreds of dollars as a purchase upgrade that you can’t do yourself can do all of that for1 50 bucks now it won’t be as fast to read and write as an internal SSD but this is a tablet and even if you are using it as a laptop you don’t need faster speeds than an sd card can get and don’t buy the1 2 cheap sd card on amazon buy from a eputable memory provider and it’s not that hard to pop this little tab out and put an sd card in i really wish all devices allowed us to upgrade our internal storage.

I’m not normally a specs person but the next reason to buy the tab s8 is how nice the the screen is yes this is the lowest end screen compared to all the other models but holy crap do I like how this looks you get a very nice1 20 -hertz refresh rate and on a tablet this size it feels super responsive and just very I can’t think of another term Besides high quality.

It feels great to use it’s crazy that companies keep putting in these jet engine processors in their devices but it’s the display that makes them feel so good to use and when the device is like 95 display that’s pretty important I know it’s not an OLED or the highest end from the tab lineup but I think this LCD the panel is plenty bright enough and I was able to measure it at around 40 0 lux is not a direct one to one correlation to knits and brightness.

But it’s pretty close so 40 lux of actual measured brightness isn’t shabby and this will work in all but the most demanding of conditions the touchscreen Itself is very responsive and I would just call this an absolute joy to use I’m giving the next reason to the s pen holy crap I like the s pen so much more then i like the apple pencil it’s more ergonomically shaped to act as a pen and yes that’s a personal preference the thing i normally use smaller pens it’s got an actual button on it.

So you can do certain quick functions without needing to tap the pen to get those and this the button can be pretty uniquely customized but the best part about this is it’s so much better to write with yes I used8 0s to say that seriously this feels like I’m using my actual pen or pencil when writing on the screen and yes it is probably less durable than the apple pencil but I would much rather have a the pen that’s easier and more fun to use than one that lasts longer but I just really don’t like using the way the tip bends and moves around a little bit is it’s just such a joy to write or draw on the tab s8 and I find myself using the s pen so much more whereas my apple pencil is more something that I’m concerned about losing than something that I use regularly I also like how the included keyboard the case has a little hiding spot for the s a pen-like right here you can hide it away so if you don’t want to charge it on the the tab you can keep the pen in a more the secured area.

So it’s not going to get knocked off or lost in a backpack or a bag much like my apple pencil currently gets lost the s pen gets big ups for me and you don’t even have to pay for it it comes in the box and it’s not even a a promotional thing so you will always get if you buy the tab s8 it’s just you don’t have to wait for it it’s so good the next major reason to buy the tab s8 is this is the first tablet that I’ve ever used that gets the front-facing camera thing right if I’m going to take a meeting or a work call for my tablet or laptop, I’m not going to have it in portrait orientation I’m going to set it down.

I can work off of it and take notes or minutes for the meeting while it’s going and the tab s8 has its camera at the top of the body in landscape mode this one change is so awesome it might be a purchase decider by itself seriously on everything else if you have the camera off to the side you look all weird and like you’re not paying attention while trying to take notes here check this out here it looks far more natural because it’s inline with your normal eyesight the camera’s not like this and you’re not looking at the screen over here.

It looks like you’re paying more attention which lets people feel more like you’re engaged in the conversation and as far as camera quality goes for a front-facing camera this looks really good even in these big studio lights it’s so much more natural to have it look like this and all cameras need to go here from now on it does also have face unlocking and the camera for that is situated right here at the top of portrait orientation so you kind of get the best of both worlds here also another very good reason to buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is the power yes.

I only sort of mean how much raw horsepower this thing has because that is important when you’re doing things like decks I mean that the overall user experience is very seamless I think power for mobile devices need to be about that it’s not about benchmarks, it’s not about artificial tests it’s about how someone feels to use it over time and while i did have some rocky starts with the tab s8 initially so far it hasn’t given me any problems the only time.

I’ve run into slowdowns anymore are when i’ve got the tablet open doing tablet things and I’ve got it plugged into a monitor doing laptop things at the same time so you will get slowdowns or for lack of a better word lag if you’re trying to have it does dual duties at once but I guess if I had any computer trying to be a tablet and a computer at the same time would probably suffer a little bit but if you we’re using it in either tablet mode or in laptop mode it works so well I said this is in the one month later article.

But i think it bears repeating here in that the tab s8 is a darn close successor to the old netbooks yes Chromebooks exist and those are also descendants of the netbook but I really like the dual purpose here it’s enough of a computer that you don’t need a real computer except in specific cases where you might want a specific pc or apple applications if you’re doing homework.

If you’re doing home like paper tasks like paying bills or another word processing things this is all of the power you could ever want you to include that in being a really great tablet and content consumption the device at the same time it’s just it’s like it’s so good and with the inclusion of luma fusion here soon for android.

This might become an actual creation powerhouse i legitimately can’t wait to see how that works out plus this is so much like a a laptop that i can log in and manage my big3 2 terabyte creation server from this dark thing i legitimately love this tablet the Samsung tab s8 is not part of the overall apple ecosystem but with all of the functionality and features packed in here you don’t need it to be part of any system it does so much on it’s own and it can stand on its own two feet without needing to spend a lot of money to build an ecosystem around.

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