Kamala Harris (Pamela) Biography
Kamala Harris (Pamela) Biography

Kamala Harris (Pamela) Biography

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Topic – Kamala Harris (Pamela) Biography

Kamala Harris is Pamela, her full name and she always bothers to protect it and abandons it as she struggles to protect her democracy, but there is also joy and progress because we have Has the power to build a better future.  

This extraordinary team of staff and volunteers of our campaign thanks you for bringing more people into the democratic process than ever before, she was a famous first lady who was the 49th of the united states.

Was vice president who was born on 20 October 1964 in Oakland Rifernia in united states. Her father’s name was Donald Harris and her mother’s name was Shyamala Gopalan Pamela in the history of the nation and the first African American and the first Asian American Vice President. a member of the Democratic Party.

Will, inaugurated on office 20 2021, follows the chaotic four-year rule of Donald Trump, with Joe Bo Biden, president of the 46th united states, who exited the nation’s capital before the ceremony on 20 2021.

The daughter of ordinary and united states senators and Indians and immigrants from Jamaica, an important milestone for political representation at an equally turbulent moment in American history, Kamala Harris’s mother is a Tamil Indian named Shyamala Gopalan Harrow who has breast cancer.

Having worked as a scientist, her father created a Jamaican named Donald. Harris serves as a Stanford University economics professor.

Kamala Harris was extremely close to her maternal grandfather, named P.V. Gopalan was and his younger sister Maya went to a Hindu temple and a black Baptist church when Kamala Harris grew up at the age of seven.

Separated and her mother was given custody of both. Later the sisters and her mother moved to study high school in Montreal Quebec, Canada west of Kamala Harris, and later attended Howard University in the United States, where She studied in political science and economics and in 1989 she returned to California and earned her Juris Doctor JD.

The following year from the College of Law at the University of California, she was admitted to the California State Bar from 1990 to 1998, Kamala Harris served as Deputy District Attorney in Alameda County California in the late 1990s for robbery-homicide and child molestation.

She was prosecuting rape cases. Worked in the San Francisco district attorney’s office in 2000, Luis Wren was recruited to the position of head of the Community and Neighborhood Division by a city attorney elected by San Francisco and in 2003 Harris defeated Terence Hallinan in the San Francisco District.

Became an attorney, the first South Asian and black woman to achieve the position she was re-elected to Naom Ber 2007.

As Dr., She began a program that marked the first time a high school diploma to drug dealers Offers an opportunity to earn and find a job in 2009 Pamela Harris smartens up her book on crime, the career prosecutor’s plan to make us safer published in the book.

Tried to analyze criminal justice from an economic standpoint. He worked for the California District Attorneys Association as well as the National District Attorneys Association in various capacities 2010, in 2010, he campaigned in the California Attorney General Election, where he won the County District. Chosen attorney Los Angeles.

Koli won and she became the first Jamaican-American woman on 3G 2011 and the first Indian American Attorney General in California in 2014, she was re-elected against Ronald Gould in a unified Senate election in California in 2016, defeating Kamala Harris Dia Loretta Sanchez won 62 percent of the vote on 3 January 2017.

SE Senator Kamala Harris from California was one of the top contenders for the 2020 Democratic nomination for the presidency, she ran a spirited campaign but later lacked funding Caused out of the race and endorsed the presidential bid on August 11 as expected by Joe Bollie Biden.

Kamila Harris runs for the United States presidential election as her running mate for 2020, with her becoming the first black woman to become a major party vice-presidential candidate  Joe Biden won the presidential election and As a result, Kamla Chris was elected vice president in the United States.

He will bid people on earth for the presidential election on 20 2021. In the heart of the people, it does not matter for this country that your caste does not matter with your ethnicity, your gender identity does not matter with your sexual orientation, that your faith is united.

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