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Instagram Tips & Trick in 2021 You Must Know

Topic – Instagram Tips & Trick in 2021 You Must Know

How To Use Instagram for Dating

You are welcome guys. Some mistakes along the way for all of us. If you don’t make mistakes if you don’t Try to never be good at it Pay attention so much because I’m doing stuff.

Let’s talk about a tool that we have The world is readily available to help you get that tool Instagram.

So there are four ways to tailor it. Your instagram all right for women See if you guys don’t want to have one Little flak some are your man friend Talk to you because of who you are.

If you are posting on your Instagram then you  Because what do you need to post Your instagram will not be liked Guys it’s gonna like girls.

That you want to bow On friday night you get what i’m saying Don’t listen to your friend Listen to your soul papa listen Take it so that you get its number To post a sexy pic man.

If you have abs See advertisement picture see this See these boys if you want to make It probably sounds a little less ridiculous You are out of the beach but guess who Most friends you are watching Jack.

The most on Wendy’s drifting Saturday night she comes. Your profile is going to be like oh my God I can wash my g-string on them You don’t have washboard abs.

This guy maybe you look good in a good fit Maybe see how big a suit you have You look great from christmas Party you think you look sexy you know.

You have not got a goofy smile on your face. You have a good smolder when you post a sexy photo.

That is a number Two is not a silly picture With my family We’ve all got families if you don’t post Picture with someone like family.

You post something that shows You your friends and Post yourself on mother’s day Picture of mother’s day writes a father’s day Good writing about his father She was a legend and how is madhu.

A Family Post talked about his family Picture you’ve got to do this guy if you Don’t want me to tell you that you Have some soul but you want to lift.

One day you wanna take care of kids Their wells are not theirs Children but because of them being pregnant It is biologically like a winner.

I do not want a lot, I do not want Lying is like subconsciously Look at them while they’re ripping They are like oh this guy can capture me Food and i want to beat her anyway All correct.

Number three I also think it is necessary to post Picture with friends. I know it is What i just said makes no sense Well it must be because you listen to a post Picture with your friends and only you Everyone’s on their profile.

Think you are about yourself but if you Like post family and your friends Wait for each other this guy cares about his Friends he cares for his family.

But post an interesting picture with Your friends. Maybe you guys a couple You look like you look You did something in life you didn’t Know holding your skateboard behind Walgreens tagging is not a naked post.

Photo tagging posts a photo with you Friends you know at graduation Picture with your friends and someone Birthday where you all are watching.

A sexy picture has been posted with you. Have a pair of friends that you are proud of Where if girls go to their profile Maybe you have a student friend A boy is enough to take his girl.

From here but a boy to be enough Oh like this guy hanging with alphabets Friends in a group of outputs to this man What is it that a man.

Number three is a post if you want Dude pink she is cool Number four man goes back to number four About being one of my other videos Renaissance man you gotta post a little.

A man’s little man Art may have gone to a theater Production maybe you are a good read The book takes an artistic picture, maybe it is out For myself but only for the book.

The cup of coffee tells him that you The thinker told him that you are Not the average pop you got a brain You got your good friends.

About your mom and dad and you got them The big Dick will not only make girls respond to your DMS Even if you send them emojis.

They won’t come to you with any sentence. Give your profile well and you This is the best chance to get a vagina Here are 4 ways to record your Instagram.

How To Upload Video To Instagram

Hi guys and welcome to this post. In today’s post I’m hoping I’ve noticed that some people have been Saying that it does not work for video.

So I hope I can solve it for you Today because today’s post is How to be all about uploading videos Now your PC on Instagram app.

Reject other people before I show I want to tell you today’s method As you there is no direct way.

Today you can make this video Actually upload to Instagram via PC You can’t do that directly.

I should say: But you can use a third party right now. Before you start thinking that I don’t want Use an application to do this with You can do it great.

The news is why it is completely free. If it’s totally you won’t do it Is free and it saves you a lot of time. It’s just a no-brainer right now.

So today The video is going to show you how Do it through a third-party app and it Something is going to happen. Take about three or four minutes.

Want to mention it because it is Completely free. I’m not a fenian In any way associated with the application Possible I’m just giving you guys something Information or hope you are helping.

If you use Instagram for this purpose Let’s jump without further ado Ok, so here we are choosing Whatever browser you use for me Google Chrome.

So I’m going to double Click on it and then I’m going To come along and I’m going to type an app recently called sociable ok.

How To Upload Video To Instagram

So gonna come with you The first search option which is a That you want to click and she is the Lately Social peace click on it and then It’s going to open.

How To Upload Video To Instagram

What are the real apps you want to do? Obviously here you want to sign up There are various options you can do You can pay accounts but honestly Unless you need a paid account.

You have got more than one Instagram app So just go for the free account Also you do not have to choose all To sign up then just click Start here today or start for free.

How To Upload Video To Instagram

So he’s going to get you the option Now of course i’m already signed up. I have already done this account. I’m just gonna go ahead of Dashboard.

But if you sign up Just click on it for the first time And then put in the details as soon as possible As you signed up for your account.

You are about to go to the dashboard And this is what the dashboard looks like. Really simple interface and you’ll like it.

You have received information on the left hand side Different social accounts if you want Use facebook and it happens to be one.

Your big social accounts and you You can use facebook and you can You can post everything to Facebook Photos you can post whatever video.

But like we’re going to Example shown instagram then click Go to instagram and then post and then It’s going to open up your options Post you can see my account Already selected you just want to click.

How To Upload Video To Instagram

To ensure that it is activated by you Going to upload an account And then you have the options Available for you can do this for you.

Your media that is currently playing Clearly home page you have a story And you have got this option here to Now when you upload your video.

How To Upload Video To Instagram

Which you are using here On most occasions you can also Drive and you can do it for Dropbox You have their various options Available and remember guys it is Completely free.

So you are not going to pay. You can use this again for this As long as you want and as often as you like now you can also put it here.

Describe everything you want And of course very important Hashtag and then at the end you can go If you want and schedule your post.

Then you can obviously use the time Schedule and when you have uploaded yours Video you just click post now all of you.

To do In this example click on it and So a video I’ll grab right now This one here and then open and then What it will do it will load you Video on the app and then all of you.

Have to put in your description to Describe your hashtag and click on the post Work fine now and then guys then.

I Hope it was really useful. I hope You will be able to use it now Proceeding to upload video As you like on instagram now.

How To Upload A Video on Instagram | How To Upload A Photo and Video on Instagram using PC

You can try this method first of all go to open Instagram on pc. Then right click on your mouse and choose option inspect

How To Upload A Video on Instagram

Click toggle device toolbar and refresh page

How To Upload A Video on Instagram

Then showing like you have mobile device options.

How To Upload A Video on Instagram

Unload what you want and enjoy. .

How To Post Youtube Videos On Instagram

Let’s talk about how to post YouTube videos on Instagram before us Get started make sure you have either In your video url or your channel URL.

If people like your profile that way Your video clip they can visit you If they are then click on the profile and click your link.

How To Post Youtube Videos On Instagram

The first thing you are interested in is wanting to open your mobile devices. Go to browser To switch to desktop version Click on your browser menu below Click on the right corner of my screen.

How To Post Youtube Videos On Instagram

Desktop version you will notice the URL is gone and the screen looks small. From here make sure you are logged in Youtube click on your profile icon.

How To Post Youtube Videos On Instagram

Click on youtube studio beta in the top right If you have many channels Select the channel you want to video Once you are in your youtube studio.

Scroll all the way to the left Click on menu video and then search Video you want to upload to Instagram For this.

How To Post Youtube Videos On Instagram

I will do my first experiment with Youtube videos from the videos you selected Click on the drop down menu area which are Three dots and one time the menu then opens.

Click download please note that you have I really did to keep steady fingers When you click it happens twice.

How To Post Youtube Videos On Instagram

You have to aim properly For the menu on the desktop version of the Internet on your mobile device but Wait for you once you click YouTube videos will be downloaded on your YouTube video is a one time mobile device Download it.

Will appear in your Device Gallery Open your instagram app now Then click the plus icon at the bottom of your app Find the video you download Your phone next.

How To Post Youtube Videos On Instagram

You will need to trim your Video Instagram allows one-minute clips Video and you can scroll forward or Back to select whether you want after a minute clip.

How To Post Youtube Videos On Instagram

Click next then in the top right you can enter choose your post hashtag location If you want to share it with others Social media when you finish.

Click share to enter everything top right and then you wait To post a video Once posted, it will appear on your feed Thanks for watching how to post Youtube video on Instagram.

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