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How to Make Money Online Graphic Design

Topic – How to Make Money Online Graphic Design

Hello, welcome to Creative for Design and Business Conversations. Today I am talking to you about How to Make Money Online Graphic Design.

I am going to list five ways that how to make money online graphic designer and start with the way that is the most income-generating and work my way to generate the least income.  

I will also talk about these, which I do and do not like about each, pros and cons and yes I hope you enjoy them. So let’s jump right in.

1- Design Services.

So maybe this is where I spend 80% of my time and earn 90 percent of my money as a graphic designer. Therefore, I am self-employed, I work for myself, every bit of my earnings, I produce.

Therefore, running my business is super important for me, and it is design services. I provide my design services for clients, so I create everything from logos to websites, to print materials, to design packaging, and everything in between.

Without it, I would not have this business. My clients help me pay my bills and live my life, so I am super grateful and super grateful for that.

This is something that I am hoping to probably put down on my list in terms of spending time, like offering my services mean I’m trading my time for money, and that’s great, But I would like, one day in the future, to have a family and I am not under the illusion of how difficult it would be to run my own business and start a family and raise children.

So, I am trying to plant some seeds everywhere, multiple streams of income to help the income stream and hopefully, this is not always the time as design is. So that is number one, design services.

2 – Product Offering.

So, a product-based offering, and this is something I did before I started designing in Chinese, I ran another business called Camille Company, which was a business where I did all the branding, And designed all the packaging, and worked.

Along with contract manufacturers to make soaps and candles, Luxury New Zealand made soaps and candles, to sell on a website within New Zealand and also in stores around the country.

It was fantastic, but I ended up dissing it a few years ago by Cheyenne to focus on the design because I was running it as a women’s show and it was a lot.

I made a good income from it, although it would have taken a lot of time and energy to keep it running and hamper it, if I did it again which I would probably do in the future, I would run it more hands to start – where I do not need to join.

Another way to make money as a graphic designer is to introduce a product. So, yes, it can be anything, which can be an e-book, it does not have to be a physical product.

3 – How to Make Money Online Graphic Design.

A few years ago, I wrote an illustrated children’s book, called “Thanks for Feeding Frack” and it is scheduled to be published in June this year. Wow.

This is another way that I have used my graphic design skills to pay my bills. It took a lot of work and it was not that easy, I don’t want you to be in any kind of confusion.

I think I won the publication lottery here. It is not a traditionally published book. It can be a self-published book, you can self-publish a book, you can market it and sell it and get income from it.

4 – Print on demand.

Therefore, another way I make money uploading my artwork is through selling to print on demand websites.

If you do not know much about print on demand, they are websites that allow you to sell products and it is all digital so they print on demand.

I use Society and Redbubble. You upload your artwork and sell it to your customers who have been charged and it is not a physical tangible item until they click it in their cart and then buy it and then Redbubble Or Society will manage to print and ship it and deal with customer service.

Then you get a commission. I also have artwork on Etsy, digital download only. So this is a way for me to be able to sell my products without having to deal with shipping and logistics, which was a huge commitment from what I learned when I made my product-based offering to a website.

So I offer digital downloads on Etsy and yes I make a little bit of these, I would like to make more. I don’t put a lot of energy into them yet, but I’ll probably go up the ramp soon and drive more people to those platforms.

They can buy my artwork and the beauty of these things is just a hundred percent creative freedom, so What I want, when I want, I produce and Put on what I want, and if people like it, then great, I can earn some commission on it.

5 – Google AdSense.

Adsense is my Google AdSense account. If you have not paid attention to it, I suggest you do it, it is something I want to work on and grow in the coming months.

This is something that this YouTube channel has provided that you know that it receives a certain number of subscribers and followers or whatever it is, it will start earning a small income and it would work on advertising. is.

For example on my website at, I have ads there and the ads are automatically uploaded by Google and whenever someone visits my website, and the ad affects them, and if When I click on it, in particular, I get a small portion of the income and I mean cents but it all adds up.

I think last month I made fifteen dollars, I mean, I don’t know if you know, it’s better than nothing that’s probably at the bottom end of Adsense or whatever, but that’s all it matters.

Maintain your income while you are doing it. There is something that I think is going to take more work and something that piques my interest, there is a global epidemic at the moment, Kovid-19 is going on so I am at home, I am currently working with many clients.

Not working together, people don’t have the money to spend on graphic design right now so if you want to use this time wisely make YouTube videos and make your business work.

So yes, AdSense is something that I am looking forward to at the moment. So anyway, some other ways to make income as a graphic designer that I have not personally done, but only worth mentioning, are through eBooks and courses.

This has been successful for some graphic designers I know. I did not, as I said, yes, have done in person, but yes. Anyway, thanks for reading this article.



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