How do I start creative writing?
How do I start creative writing?

How do I start creative writing?

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Topic – How do I start creative writing?

You know that most people today would not say how important it is to write well.  This is just something they teach you to do in your high school literature class. 

Then it is good to be right after that.  But here is the truth.  I know many people who want to learn how to be a better digital marketer and how to become better. Email marketing had become a better SEO expert. 

All these things are hot topics right now.  But if you do not know how you can write well then you cannot be good at these other things.  Writing is a basic foundational skill that supports many other things you do in life and writing.  Well and good in itself. 

It does not take your brain much time to reproduce the ways you need to recreate it to become you, a Great writer.  If you want to learn to be a great writer without going through books and books and books  You come to the right place on the subject of the article. 

Now the full reveal this is not a section about technology.  I will not teach you when you should use it.  You need whom and what type of punctuation to follow the sentence.  I’m not really interested in talking about that. 

This class is more for finding out what are the characteristics behind great writing and how you can get started  To bring those characteristics to your writing.  Hey guys it’s a no-brainer. 

I am going to teach you how to be a great writer in less time than you take. You can put those things in your writing that you can make today a better writer in your context.  

Aimless Writing   

Useless writing is useless.  If you aimlessly write that kicking your best friend’s dog is almost unforgivable.  I seriously know that we have just started this relationship between you and me on screen, but I almost want  To exclude you now. 

This is not good if you write aimless writing almost as a rule of thumb.  If you are writing something and you don’t know where you are going with it then why would anyone else do? Start reading it and follow that path.  We have all met people who are like this in real life. 

You are at a party whereby you are talking to people who come to someone and start talking to you and they take  Half an hour to tell you a story that can be told in two minutes and there is no conclusion. It makes no sense in the story. 

If you write aimlessly then you are a party person.  As I said in the beginning, aimlessly every written piece does not require a compass and you decide  What is the correct answer on that compass. You are setting the direction for this piece how it is happening. 

It is going to travel there and what is the destination.  Where are you going while writing? You know that is a very cliché phrase that I think many of us have heard before that starts with this idea in mind. 

It’s an honest truth but because it’s a cliché that we don’t really recognize it’s just something  We say  So before I start writing anything I mean digging deeper into it. I asked myself two questions that you need to ask yourself: where do I want to end. 

And two why do I want to end there.  It is all about answering what you are writing, whether it is a book or a blog or a text. Your mother, whom we haven’t talked to in two weeks.  You need to know why.  What is the final conclusion and why are you trying to reach that conclusion? 

Writing without a name is useless, but if you can put a compass and you know where the correct answer is for you  What you are writing now is the blueprint for success in any situation.  

Writing is Advertising

 I’m gonna say something you can’t agree with, but I want you to come with me  On this journey to each other and explore my reasoning. 

All the writing is advertising your college textbook, trying to convince you that the fuel jury is good  Consider a love note from your boyfriend or girlfriend trying to sell you on the idea that they are just  Ryan Gosling is as good when it comes to romance. 

A political blog is trying to convince you that their specific views on gun ownership are correct. You subscribe to this blog.  All writing is the advertisement of all this.  I mean it’s all just a small thing that you got a text message from a friend who is asking  You were doing on Friday night. An advertisement has come up with something to do with them. 

They are trying to convince you to come to their house with your words and your friends.  All writing is an advertisement.  And we are bombarded with advertisements every single day. 

We have advertising fatigue.  So the question is why would anyone like to read your ad.  The thing you wrote, which is written today and is different from everything else  And dying for our attention in an ocean of noise. 

You need something to help you get out.  And that thing is a hook.  The hook is what attracts someone to the attention that it draws them inside.  It sinks your fangs into you and really pulls you in. 

I mean it’s gut because a hook breaks our attention it breaks our routine.  It breaks what we were doing at that moment and now we are completely focused on your written excerpt. 

Now listen there is no one who can teach you how to make a hook in every situation.  Making a hook is an art and it all comes down to the person who is on the other side of writing. 

Who do you want to read your writing? What are you writing about and what is in your writing that is going to grab that person’s attention. 

On the basis of where they are, they do what they believe is the value of what they think  Right now people like them or think about current events. 

There are many different variables that go into making hooks.  It is an art form.  It cannot be taught except through examples and situations and learning that works in some industries. 

But it all comes down to that one question which is on the other side of your writing.  And what do they care about? 

You can locate that information that you can insert the hook into anyone.  All writing advertising except the writing is that we care about our writing.  They care about Hook.  

Old Story, New Journey

Most stories are very boring when you boil things down to bare bones.  The lion king son replaces his father.  Les Miserables.  life is difficult.  Try to do something good. 

Toy Story Your Childhood Matters.  Also, your toys are alive.  

Finding Nemo.  

Family Matters.  


Do not be a workaholic. 

And of course Star Wars Han Solo gave the first shot.  He gets it when he talks about the story.  Has left no stone unturned.  We’ve heard every variation of the story before Lion King which is a Disney property  The 20th century is actually a wave of Shakespeare. 

Blow your mind with that.  But it is not about the story because we all know where they go before listening to the stories.  We know how they end. 

It is about the journey you give them in that story.  Sherlock Holmes would be a really boring detective series that looked like every other  If they do not show guilt in the way they advance the story.  And writing takes you through a story you may be familiar with but it gets you in. 

An unfamiliar way that makes it exciting is this one that tells everything lies.  This is where you as an author have the opportunity to be creative.  If you are selling something then everyone knows that you are selling something. 

If you’re trying to promote something, we’ve already got that flow.  If you are trying to convince us about some fundamental truth that is going to shake our life for a very long time. 

We have been shaken before.  But if you can find a new way to show it to us.  A new journey to lead us through that story.  Now you are starting to get our attention. 

We are not just addicted.  We are putting their readers.  So your work is not done.  You hooked it up.  That is just the beginning.  After you get them on board, you have to give them a visit. 

You need to give them an odyssey they have not gone before.  Breathe new life by giving a new journey to the story.  In this way, you get readers to read all the way.  

Five Easy Tips

 So by now, you have established what your compass is which is your north star behind your piece  Writing.  You know what your hook is.

You know how you’re going to get people’s attention and break the ocean.  Due to the noise and people get to start reading. 

And you have a brainstorm that you have a fresh story we’ve heard before and so far  We are engaged as readers. 

So the next step is just to make sure that your writing does not stink.  Now I said that in its beginning it is not a technical course.  I am not going into the naughty gritty details in such a short time. 

However, we are on a journey, and to make this journey fun and useful and to make our readers  Want to get your things back in the future.  It is necessary to have a good smooth healthy movement. 

You have got to make sure that there are not too many bumps in the road that are too many in the road.  They are not coming back.  Here is a little brain psychology to think about the human brain, if looking for one is always looking for patterns Here for mystic and pattern and rhythm and design. 

And once you know that the pattern in your writing and  People reading rhythm and design and your material is about to stop thinking and go into passive mode.  You do not want you to want the reader to stay engaged for the entire journey. 

This is part of making this a pleasant ride.  Here are five easy tips to make your writing more enjoyable and fresh in the unexpected.  When they are reading your writing, people do not have their minds closed.  Sentence length should vary. 

If all your sentences are short, then you start to sound like a robot that cannot make a complete idea  If your sentences are long.  You start to sound like a professor who doesn’t feel that the whole class has slept on them. 

In 1930, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives offered to reduce one’s influence.  Anyone.  Very much your sentence length.  Long, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, short, long, lines, in this way you can pacing and placing  Exciting fluency and not setting different sentence lengths will give people different reactions.  So keep it separate.  Keep them on your toes. 

Try not to use the same word over and over again.  If you are using words like good or bad.  Look for words that may be more specific and unique to a situation like tyrannical or heavenly. 

To get the attention of your readers.  They may be wondering why some are particularly tortured.  Why something is particularly heavenly is what it means. 

They are curious and if you use good and bad words then you are very curious.  Easily with lots of online programs that will look through your words and see how often you are. What are some of the words you repeat in the block of text you wrote? 

Use words to diversify, which you are using too much, often do not feel the need to explain everything.  Time.  Your readers are probably very smart and if you leave some things open to their imagination or their  Explanation They will fill in the gaps. 

If you explain everything to them then you do not give them any place to put it in their own input.  And they are now a passive reader.  You do not want passive readers to be passive readers.  Sleep to read your books or your articles or your blog. 

You want an active reader who can fill his thoughts and his ideas in his writing.  You want active readers and to get active readers you need to give them room to visualize them.  You are not in sentences on the propositions. 

This is my only grammar specific point, but this is a really really really important sentence  If you use a word with two in a sentence, the proposal simply does not sound good. 

The question is whether propositions and sentences are not made, but we use them all  Time.  And it makes your writing weak. 

You do not want weak writing.  You want strong writing and good strong writing.  Place your propositions where they are in the middle of the sentence.  Nowhere near the end.  Finally, keep it simple.  Many writers try every good AP-level word knowing this stuff in one sentence. 

But keep in mind that most newspapers are written at the reading level of eighth grade unless you are writing an A dissertation.  You are not required to write a Ph.D. like your third year. But there is a balance in it. 

If you look at Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign if you see his talks every time and every time  He said that he was speaking average at the fourth-grade reading level and a lot of people made fun of him. 

Because of that  Over the weekend, I was offered two billion dollars to do a deal in Dubai in a very surprising way  Man who is a friend of Reagan. 

Find that balance but keep it simple.  You can be simple and elegant in your words and your sentence.

The Call    

Just like every good sentence needs punctuation at its end, so does every good story you write.  You make a conclusion at the end of your writing. 

You want people to have some kind of change.  You want them to feel different and see the world in a new light.  Good writing comes to a conclusion that changes the reader. 

Good writing has a call to action.  Is the author pleading explicitly or explicitly to do something to the reader through his work  Particularly different?  If the author does not make it clear there is no call.  There is no real conclusion. 

Things just pop out like a Roman candle that spits and dies.  And it is really disappointing.  You do not want your writing to be hopeless.  The call is the final taste you leave in the reader’s mouth. 

You want to spend time on that because a bad call is going to leave them with a stale taste of two weeks  Old mountain dew in their mouths. 

And man is there a terrible weight in those things that you wrote something that was really a chance to change them.  Think of it as a beginning in this way. 

I said that you need to ask questions.  Where and why do you want to end.  This is a chance for you to reflect as you are writing something. 

Did I get there? How did I know that I got there and now I have got my readers there that I want them to do differently  In response to what he has read?  As I wrap up this article, let me give you an example of a call.  Writing is a fundamental skill. 

So many things you want to do every day in your life or you have aspirations of one day Good writing.  Anyone can but you have to.  The way someone becomes a better writer closes the course. 

Turn off your internet Turn off your phone and turn it upside down and keep it away from you.  Open the word processor.  Andrew writes Ask yourself where we talk about the course where and why you want to end  What is the north star of what you are writing.  What a hook you have to say differently. 

Can you be familiar with the journey that you are taking through someone as you go through the stories of them?  But you put your twist on it. 

How can you bring in some tips and tricks that we have talked about to make the pace smooth and enjoyable? And make sure your writing doesn’t suck and how you can bring all this to a head with a call to Cases that resonate and that create real change in the world. 

I believe that writers who know how to write well can change the world and know all about knowing what they are: Features behind great writing. 

So go ahead and write and write what you say can be heard and respected  In this world. 

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