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Extra Movie : Gamanam Hindi Movie Download 720p 2022

Extra Movie : Gamanam Hindi Movie Download 720p 2022

Today out topic is Extra Movie : Gamanam Hindi Movie Review 2022, gamanam movie download, gamanam 2020 movie download, gamanam telugu movie download, gamanam 2020 full movie, gamanam 2020 watch online, Suzana tells the story of an uplift that deals with a deluge in Hyderabad. She manages to draw our attention to the themes handled in the film and there’s a dominant sense of deja vu in the story.

The film seems lengthy with numerous characters (like Nithya Menon, Kancharapalem Raju) being underdeveloped. The realistic rudiments do not mix well enough to give us a soul-stirring trip, and the film lacks a strong emotional connection.

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For illustration, Kamala’s story could have been more engaging, but the director fails to portray her struggle effectively. Also, the conflict between Zara’s father (Sanjay Swaroop) and Ali’s forefather could have been handled more. Indeed the children’s story wasn’t explored to its full eventuality. Still, it’s the sincere bond between the kiddies, the relationship between Ali and her grandparents, and a floundering knitter trying to overcome all the odds that you can live with.

Take, for illustration, the beautifully machined scene, where children constantly try to vend the complexion hero of Ganesha, and the rain wetlands down the complexion and their dreams. Also, the scene where Charu Haasan culinarians mutton for his grandson and asks his woman to vacate the kitchen, and the occasion where Kamala shares a yarn with her son, will keep you invested in the story. I must say these kiddies are the heart of this story, and Sujana Rao has cast talented actors, who steal the show.

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Shriya Saran has a natural ease in front of the camera, and she pulls off some important scenes without a hint of tone- knowledge. Similar is the case with Charu Haasan, who painlessly gives a warm but kindly impenetrable expression through his eyes. Shiva Kandukuri and Priyanka Jawalkar have been aptly cast in their separate places and both have delivered excellent performances. Unfortunately, Suhas was wasted in a trivial part.

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Ilaiyaraaja’s background score and music are a major asset to the film and Gyan Shekhar VS’s cinematography gives us some scintillating frames. Gamanam is a simple story whose heart is in the right place. It’s in numerous ways an honest and touching story of redemption. Sujana Rao beautifully captures the innocence of children and gives us some truly touching moments. Despite all its familiarity, to be honest, the film hits some of the right notes.

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