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Elizabeth Hurley Stars In ‘Christmas In The Caribbean’ (Exclusive) – Hollywood Life


Elizabeth Hurley may just be the queen of Christmas movies — as long as they take place somewhere warm! Her latest holiday film, Christmas In The Caribbean, follows the star as Rachel, an abandoned bride who jets off to the Caribbean with her two bridesmaids, Amanda and Rebecca, where she may find love again over the Christmas holiday. In a HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVE sneak preview at the movie, Rachel is all dressed in white as she bumps into her groom sneaking out of the church.

Elizabeth Hurley in ‘Christmas In the Caribbean.’ (Screen Media)

Excitedly, Rachel hides behind her mum, telling her groom he shouldn’t see her before the wedding, before he breaks the news. “Here’s the thing Rach, you know I love you, I really do, but I just have to…”, while her mum says, “I knew it was too good to be true.”

“I was in there waiting for you and it just didn’t feel right. You know what I mean? We barely know each other, we met like what? Two months ago?” the groom, Gregory (Ray Fearon) continues, when her mum then adds, “3 and a half actually.”

Gregory then admits he’s been “so busy with rehearsals” he hasn’t been focused on their relationship, telling Rachel, “This is such a huge part for me.” “You don’t have any lines!” she finally replies, marking her first words since he broke the news he would be leaving.

He then asks Rachel to “go somewhere else to have a chat, babe,” which sends her over the edge.” “Look, don’t ‘babe’ me, we can talk right here, thank you very much,” Elizabeth Hurley, as Rachel, quips. “So, you’re telling me that after I pulled this wedding together in record time, while you were off practicing standing at the back of the stage being a glorified extra, that now it doesn’t ‘feel right?’ I mean, you told me two days ago that you couldn’t wait to get married and have children. What the hell happened?”

Elizabeth Hurley, Caroline Quentin and Nathalie Cox in ‘Christmas In the Caribbean.’ (Screen Media)

Gregory then decides to be honest and tells Rachel his self-centered reasoning for leaving her at the altar. He tells her, “Last night I was having a couple of drinks with the lads, and I was thinking, I’m an actor, Rach. I need to be free to follow my dreams. I mean if I’m married and have kids, I think it will stop the creative juices from flowing through and I’ll never get a great part again. And the lads were saying that everyone knows that behind every great actor is a nagging wife.”

That was the last straw for Rachel, who stood watching Gregory say this with her eyes wide and mouth agape. “Behind every great actor is a nagging wife? Well you don’t need to worry about that anymore because A. you’re not a great actor, B. I’m not going to be your wife!” she shrieks, throwing her bouquet at him before storming off.

Elizabeth Hurley and Edoardo Costa in ‘Christmas In The Caribbean.’ (Screen Media)

This moment sets the scene for the rest of the film, which sees Rachel and her girlfriends explore a luxury resort in the Caribbean and possibly find love in the process of healing. Christmas In the Caribbean is in theaters and on demand on December 2nd!


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