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Mediocre Execution of Canadiens Ducks: Insights from Martin St-Louis

The Friday night game at Honda Center between Canadiens Ducks was not a great game for either team. However, the Canadiens could have won the game with a little more opportunism and discipline. With a score of 1-1 after two periods, the Ducks scored two power play goals in the third period within four minutes, which dealt a severe blow to the Canadiens’ chances of winning the game.

Canadiens Ducks

Missed Opportunities and Discipline

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Jonathan Drouin shared his opinion that the game could have been theirs, “After two periods, we were there. They gave a penalty (to Chris Tierney) that looked like a dive from the Ducks’ 49 (Max Jones). They scored two goals that broke our legs.” On the other hand, Martin St-Louis, the coach, was unhappy with his players’ average execution. Although the effort was there, the Canadiens’ numerical advantage didn’t result in goals. They hit two posts, while the Ducks scored twice. St-Louis praised the Ducks for their credit-worthy performance.

A Perfect Shot and A Young Talent

The Ducks’ second goal was a result of Mason McTavish’s perfect shot, which beat Samuel Montembeault from the short end. Montembeault could not do anything to stop it. According to Montembeault, “It was a really good shot. When I made my move, the puck went over my shoulder.” Michael Matheson, Montembeault’s defender, analyzed McTavish’s skills and said, “He is a young person who plays as if he had been in the NHL for several years. He’s very good defensively and he’s smart with the puck.”

A Preparatory Match

The game between the Canadiens and the Ducks was not one that would go down in history. The two teams did not offer a quality show to the fans, especially during the first two periods. The game only came alive in the third period when both teams had a few good scoring chances. This type of situation could arise when two formations are guaranteed to miss the playoffs. During the first 40 minutes of play, a good coffee was necessary to keep one’s eyes open. The Ducks, despite having several excellent up-and-coming players, are having a miserable year, and it shows in their player engagement.


The Canadiens and the Ducks game on Friday night did not offer much excitement, especially during the first two periods. The Canadiens’ missed opportunities and lack of discipline cost them the game, while the Ducks’ credit-worthy performance resulted in their win. Canadiens’ coach Martin St-Louis was not pleased with his players’ average execution, and Montembeault praised McTavish’s skills, despite scoring against him. The game was a preparatory match, and both teams have guaranteed to miss the playoffs.

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