Best Ideas for Tightening On-site Security
Best Ideas for Tightening On-site Security

Best Ideas for Tightening On-site Security

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Topic- Best Ideas for Tightening On-site Security

According to experts, there are various ways to prevent theft at any business location. The biggest benefit is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money in order to increase security in some of these key areas.

Put a Bell over Your Door

If you put a bell over the entrance, you’ll know the exact moment when customers enter and exit your store. Many security companies sell brass bells at a low price. Digital chimes also deter criminal acts, but sometimes come with a higher price tag.

Install a Mirror

If your business sells expensive merchandise, a security mirror may scare shoplifters away. A flat mirror can eliminate blind spots in narrow aisles, but a convex mirror is more efficient because it provides a wider view of the surroundings. To achieve the best results, you must place every mirror in a high corner in your store.

Install Better Lighting

Most shoplifters like to steal merchandise from locations that have low traffic or a lot of clutter. This is why you’ll need to install better lights that can illuminate items that are in high-risk areas. To improve visibility, eliminate all clutter by positioning the aisles about 36 inches apart. If certain aisles are still dark, bright fluorescent lights can solve this problem.

Develop a Security Plan

Depending on the type of business you have, you may benefit from installing standard cameras, faux cameras, or motion sensors. A small facility won’t need high-tech security systems and if your store only has a few aisles, hire several highly trained security guards instead.

Train Your Staff

Every employee who works for your company must understand how to spot potential shoplifters. To train your staff, develop a training course that addresses common shoplifting behaviors. For example, most shoplifters appear nervous before they commit a crime. They also tend to wander from aisle to aisle aimlessly. There are many security training videos you can use online to develop your own customized plan.

Develop a Bag-Check Policy

If your business sells clothes, you can catch many shoplifters by implementing a bag-inspection policy. According to the policy, bags and backpacks shouldn’t be allowed in the dressing rooms. Changing rooms are vulnerable since shoplifters can easily hide merchandise while the doors are closed.

Office Security Considerations

During normal business hours, keep the keys to your desk drawers and cabinets with you at all times. On days when you can’t work at your office, give the keys to an employee you fully trust. If your business processes highly sensitive information, Vital Records Control recommends you shred any unneeded files at the end of the day in order to prevent fraud down the road.

By following these steps, you can save money and prevent theft and other criminal acts. If you need additional protection in your office environment, make sure you research your strategy and find ways to strengthen your weaker areas.

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