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American business coalition health insurance

American business coalition health insurance

The results of a recent survey indicate that purchasing health insurance through an organization associated with the American Businessmen’s Health Insurance (ABAHIO) may actually cause more stress than it relieves. While internal-type surveys may be helpful, it is not comprehensive and can never accurately compensate for the lack of official statistics regarding the kinds and number of rejected claims.

On the other hand, obtaining information about individual health insurance purchases through “third-party” sources such as independent agents and brokers does tend to show a downward trend. These third-party estimates suggest that roughly one-half of all health insurance claims filed in the private sector are rejected due to lack of medical underwriting or a pre-existing condition.


For most business owners, health insurance represents a significant financial burden. The premiums required by many business policies are quite high – much higher than the average individual premium. In addition, many business owners have no choice but to choose between affordable medical coverage and the kinds of coverage that meet their needs.

As a result, they often feel compelled to choose between health insurance and seeing their business succeed. When an independent agent or broker advises business owners to purchase health insurance through the american business coalition, some feel ambivalent about the wisdom of doing so.


As the health industry has grown more mature over the past decade, insurance companies have become increasingly resistant to providing any kind of assistance to businesses outside of traditional Medicare and Medicaid programs.

In some ways, this attitude mirrors the general attitude toward the independent medical profession. Many insurance agents and brokers regard physicians as someone who simply provide a service, and therefore do not expect specific payments for every treatment option. By extension, this stance gives these healthcare providers a distinct advantage over insurance companies that refuse to help those in need.

For many years, health insurance brokers and agents have been able to do much to help those seeking healthcare coverage. Through their comprehensive understanding of health insurance plans, they can often make the case for better coverage – even when that means going above and beyond what most health insurance companies will offer.

Today, many individuals and families are paying far too much for health insurance simply because they have made poor choices or have been forced into an untenable plan by their current employer. Thanks to the efforts of the american business coalition, however, even this obstacle can be removed.


Today, there are several certified professional agents and brokers offering health insurance and Medicare supplement services. These individuals are trained and experienced in knowing what their customers really need. By taking a few short courses and completing a few short hours of training, they are now qualified to offer their clients a comprehensive service that goes beyond their traditional role.

The courses, designed by the American Business Coalition, help individuals learn how to negotiate with insurance companies – an important skill that can result in big savings for clients. In addition to their knowledge of Medicare and insurance plans, these professionals can also help clients understand the basics of diabetes management and personal financial planning.

These courses are provided by certified graduate teaching experts. The curriculum is designed so that it provides you with everything you need to know about getting affordable, quality health care. You will get detailed information on everything from medical classification to billing; and from plan design to enrollment. Hansan: Rising Dragon 2022

During the final course of the six days of training, you will show details of how to negotiate with health insurance carriers and obtain the best deals. After you have completed the training, you will gain access to a network of over one hundred health care professionals who will represent your interests right on the job.


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